About us
We are performa ― a new digital branding agency based in Würselen, Germany.
We love living brands, corporate identities, custom typography, front-end developing and sound design.
You need a stunning brand, a website or chart-ready instrumentals? Welcome! Just get in touch and send your individual request.
We first started web developing in July 2018, for over 10 years we have been producing music and corporate identities. Here are just a few things we do:
corporate identity
web developing
custom typography
sound design
We supply you the best way possible, our target is always to create something exceptional. Therefor we stick to the following ingredients:
At first we get in touch and you brief us about your intention. After the general briefing is done, we create a custom-tailored master conception to your particular needs.
We continue with sketches, draftings, skits and previews. Our targets are simplicity, elegance, functionality, a high recognition value and of course a meaningful mark designation.
We do multiple music genres, there is something for everyone. Our studio is ready to record and ready to compose 24/7.
Having decided for a specific direction, we start with the main composition. We are always within reach to keep you up to date and we are open for you every day the whole year round.
When everything is ready so far, we accomplish a few refinements. We are perfectionists and just strive for the cream of the crop. Our service option includes updates and personal support in addition.
Now it's time to get in touch! Send a message and let's start a project together.
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!