Jan Herriger
We created the official branding of music producer Jan Herriger. The target genre was modern dance music combined with classic, epic, hip hop and RnB as well. Our work included logo and stationery, social media, cover designs and a website. It was important to create a catching logotype that was made of custom letters to create a unique branding identity. Further it should be adaptive for any kind of background.
We wanted to create a logotype that can stand on its own without using a symbol. It should just be the word mark, nothing else. The most important aspect was to represent a music production artist in a unique way. Therefor we chose some custom made letters that were similar to an existing funky and modern typeface. All glyphs were individually handcrafted and customized in a custom "note style lettering" including the rising option. Further you may have found the abstract hidden treble clef inside the H without mentioning. =)
This is our very own project to present the official Jan Herriger branding.