Red Bull
Our main target was to redesign the word mark. Therefor we drew new custom letters based on an existing typeface. We stayed with the classic bulls and some magic cuts inside the letters R and B. What we changed was the layout, we placed the word mark above the two bulls and fitted both elements to the same width. Further we modified the colors a bit and removed the outlines which we found quite annoying. This way the logo is more adaptive for darker backgrounds without the necessity of tweaking or creating any more outlines.
The logotype now harmonizes better with the symbol, both elements can also be used independently, but we prefer to go with both. We disliked the Futura font and replaced it with a customized more modern sans serif font called "Motiva Sans Black". Our taste is as well the previous red color tone, but we modified the yellow to an even brighter tone. The logo should be placed on dark backgrounds to set it apart and to underline the yellow circle which symbolizes energy.
This is a fictitious project to present our skills and not the official Red Bull branding.