Stilista is our upcoming furniture brand which stands for high class furniture design. The logotype is made of custom letters based on our exclusively designed typeface called "stilista". We are still working on the final release of stilista, at the moment it consists of three weights and we plan to add another two. This brand connects customized high quality with luxury and elegance summed up in a modern package. Therefor we need a futuristic typeface with elegant shapes and clearly readable glyphs.
Stilista should stand for high class furniture design. This made us design custom letters because luxury brands always need custom letters in our opinion. The strategy was to just use a single word mark without any symbol to underline clarity and simplicity. Further the lettering is easy to combine with any kind of serif or sans serif typeface which we like very much in terms of timeless designs. We used a futuristic style because we mainly sell modern furniture, so this typeface exactly matches our preference and taste.
This is our very own project and our own developed font which is still to complete. Join us to finish it.