Wipper Photography
We are happy to present you Wipper Photography, a professional photographer from Bonn, Germany. The brand stands for high quality natural photography as well as portraits and couple photography. Our strategy was to create the entire brand including word mark & symbol, stationery and website. Further the logotype or the symbol should be used for social media and as a general watermark to copyright every single photo.
Our target was to create a word mark and a logotype which can both be used on their own. We decided to create a symbol and a logotype that work together very well, but both elements should still have the ability to express the brand individually. The symbol is an abstract combination of two stripes and an apostrophe which all three form a W and besides the apostrophe acts like a hidden P. This way it appears very minimalistic and well readable at any size. The logotype is just a simple and clear addition to the symbol that does not attract much attention to keep it clean. The website is a minimalistic portfolio including a fading out hero image, a selective portfolio and some cool viewport effects for example. Go and check the entire website here:
We are proud to present this project and we hope you all enjoy it.